If you’re travelling and just need pre-travel Covid testing, please go HERE.

Travelling to the tropics or high altitude?  Don’t let health concerns ruin your travel.  Instead of visiting a doctor’s office, have an online consultation with a doctor who is an expert in travel medicine. After your visit, you’ll stop by your pharmacy to receive your vaccinations and pick up medications.

Travel is exciting, but there’s a lot on your list to get done.  Having a visit with a doctor on-line can make that process easier.  Here’s how it works.

Request an appointment time and submit your travel information.

When you request an appointment time, you’ll complete information about your medical history, vaccination history and travel plans.

When you request your appointment, you’ll need the following available: your medical history, your vaccine history, your travel plans and your credit card information. You’ll be able to submit a photo or scan of your vaccination record, if you have one.

You’ll pay the complete consult fee of $50 when you request your appointment. An appointment time will be arranged during your available times.  If you cancel with 24 hours notice, this will be refunded.  The fee will also be refunded if it is deemed medically inappropriate.

Visit with Dr. Tonozzi

At the time of consultation, you’ll log in to the video call web site from your computer or open the app on your smart phone or tablet. If you’re connecting from a computer, you may need a headset with a microphone. We’ll talk for about 20 minutes to assess your needs and confirm the information you submitted.

Pick up your medication and receive your vaccines

At the end of the consultation, you’ll receive a country specific set of written recommendations and your medication and vaccine orders will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.  You’ll show up there, and pick up your prescriptions, and/or receive your vaccinations.

Please note regarding Yellow Fever vaccine! The US manufacturer of the vaccine stopped production in 2017 and there has been no vaccine in the US since then. There are a limited number of sites in metro Denver where the European equivalent of the vaccine can be given. There is NO Yellow Fever Vaccine in Western Colorado. Our apologies, but Global Go Care cannot provide Yellow Fever vaccine. See here for more information.

Privacy  Statement:  The minimum necessary information is collected to provide you safe and thorough care. Your information will never be shared with others unless you allow it.