Covid-19 Assistance

Dr.  Chris Tonozzi, as part of Global Go Care, is providing medical consultation via telehealth for those who have concerns about symptoms or risk related to Covid-19.  Telehealth is the use of secure means to conduct a face-to-face video conference consultation. 

The process is as follows:  You’ll complete an on-line questionnaire with your background and medical information, including your chronic medical problems, medications and allergies, as well as describing any symptoms you may have that concern you.  You’ll select a meeting time. You’ll pay the consultation fee of $50. At the appointed time, you’ll meet with Dr. Tonozzi via video conference.

Here are additional important details:

  • It is appropriate for any age person, but of course children will need a parent or guardian with them.
  • We will provide paperwork to allow you to request reimbursement from your insurance.
  • HSA funds can be used to pay for the visit.
  • We will use Zoom (a secure video conference application) to connect. For more information: Click Here

Our usual business is advising travelers on medical needs and vaccines for travel abroad. We have suspended this for the time being due to the Novel Corona Virus COVID-19. Click below to see our standard home page.

If you have severe symptoms, please call your nearest hospital or 911.

Privacy  Statement:  The minimum necessary information is collected to provide you safe and thorough care. Your information will never be shared with others unless you allow it.