Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a telehealth visit?
A telehealth (or telemedicine) visit is a visit with a doctor using audio and video conferencing on your phone, tablet or computer.  It’s like using Skype or Facetime to connect with your doctor.  When you register for a visit, you’ll get information about the app to install, or the web site to use for the visit (either the app or web site can be used).
  • Is my privacy protected?

All of the technology used is compliant with the strictest standards for privacy and security.  Learn more about the  HIPAA rule which rules healthcare security and privacy here.

  • Is it legal to have medicines prescribed at a telehealth visit?

Most states allow telemedicine or telehealth visits.  Colorado has laws that are very supportive of telehealth.  If you have a face to face visit with a doctor online, then having that doctor prescribe medicine complies with Colorado Medical Board rules.

  • Can’t I just go to the pharmacy myself and get what I need? 

You can go to a pharmacy and get the vaccines that you need, but you’re not able to get medications without a doctor ordering them. So, you’ll be missing important parts of preventive travel medicine like medicines for malaria, diarrhea, typhoid vaccine and altitude. You’ll also get consultation from a physician who is in expert in the travel medicine.  You’ll get good information about what you need, and what you don’t need.

  • Will insurance pay for the visit? 

State law in Colorado requires that insurance pay for telemedicine visits but our experience is that this is time consuming and does not ensure payment.  For that reason, the price of the telehealth visit is a fraction of what you would pay for an office visit with a doctor.  That being said, if you have a strong need for insurance reimbursement, a form will be provided for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  • Why do I need a doctor to tell me what I need? Can’t I look it up on the web? 

There are good resources on the web, like , but much of the information is general to a country. There are many countries where the risk for diseases only exists in parts of the country.  A travel medicine expert can help you sort those out. You’ll also need an order from a health care provider for your oral medications.

  • After I have my online visit, will I be able to go to any pharmacy?

During your visit we’ll talk about which pharmacy you’d like to go to.  Many pharmacies are now carrying travel vaccines and medicines, so there are many options. Yellow Fever vaccine is carried in more select pharmacies.

Still have questions?  Contact us here or by phone (970) 456-1036